Version 0.2 deployed

After posting on reddit I received quite a bit of nice constructive feedback, that allowed me to polish the game a little bit.

It is amazing what a set of fresh eyes can see, that the developer misses completely. So, this version features the following:

  • Player ships are now part of the canvas, which improves collision detection and will allow interesting things in the future
  • Player ships move left and right (might randomise this at a later build - I'll be honest, I forgot about it on this build...)
  • Enemies shot at a specific player ship, however the x axis is random. This is to try to compensate for the movement, but also means the enemies can miss a lot (or hit the neighbour ship)
  • Two aspect ratios to choose from: 9:16 and 3:4
  • Improve readability of text (new font for numbers and darken background where needed)
  • Popup when all ships have been disabled, to ask to continue or finish mission
  • Popup when the required level is reached, if the player wants to finish the mission or continue
  • Add firing to support ships
  • Review enemy dps and health to compensate for the extra player damage [On going, but improved]
  • Speed up progression a bit [Not quite a bit!]
  • Fixed not being able to scroll the pages that didn't fit the screen
  • Squash any bugs found so far

So from the list above, everything is pretty obvious. The options panel has a new option for the ratio, which should improve how the game looks.

I also added an option for speed. I got a comment that the game felt slow (true), but is hard to go back and forth to try to find that sweet spot. So in the options you can change the game speed up to 5x! Just have a try and see which one you like best. Eventually one of these speeds will be the base speed of the game.

This was an interim update, as there was some bugs that needed to be squashed. Next update won't be tomorrow, will take a bit longer.

What I'm working on next:

  • Further review progression of enemies health and attack values
  • Have different fire sounds for the player ships
  • Have different projectiles for the player ships
  • Review equipment drop popup, to be more appealing and don't disappear automatically so fast
  • Player tutorial
  • Bonuses panel rework
  • First look at achievement and achievement based bonuses
  • Start on the first chapter of the story
  • Add the grind mission variant (this will be a specific type of mission where you don't need to start always from level 1)
  • Code cleanup (important for me!)

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the little that has been done and keep that feedback coming.


Idle War v0.2 Play in browser
Oct 16, 2019

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