Version 0.3 - what to expect in November

A little update on the work so far, as in terms of features for the November update, I can finally say it is done!

Between now and the release date of this version (which is sometime in November), I will be working on the mission story and mission backgrounds.

So in terms of new features we have:

  • A new upgrade panel with some new upgrades added
  • Achievements that award points to spend in upgrades
  • Missions now also award XP and points (first time they are completed)
  • A new mission type, "Free play" that always awards equipment on the first time a boss is killed. So the further you can push, the more equipment you will get.
  • New ship panels both during the mission and in the main menu
  • Tutorial messages when accessing certain features for the first time
  • Ability to upgrade equipment once certain requirements are met
  • Ships have install slots, with more being unlocked as you level up the ship. Future ships will have different amounts of slots (it is just coincidence currently all 3 ships have 3 slots)
  • Missions can have different backgrounds at different levels
  • Ships have different projectiles
  • 3 more enemies added (and with different colours!)
  • Increased game speed at 1x (can still change for now in the settings for higher speeds)
  • Menu option to view game stats

There's lot planned for the future, and I will talk a bit about them once this update is released.

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