v0.4b - A small big update

After a bit more feedback received on 0.4, a lot of people pointed that the game felt too automated, with nothing to do and hook the player. Which is true. So after thinking about a few different options, and how it will work, I've come up with a few changes that hopefully will steer this game in the right direction. However further tweaking might be needed!

First think is that Upgrade points can now be reset. Changes like today will mean players would spend points in a different way, so it makes sense to allow them to be reset and spend in a different way.

The ships now start firing manually. You need to click a button to arm the ship, at which point it will have X amount of rounds to fire (different from ship to ship). Projectiles fired while the ship is manually armed do 100% of the calculated damage.

Two new upgrades also introduce automation again: Auto fire and Auto loader. Auto fire enables ships to fire automatically, and increases the damage those projectiles do. It starts at 20% of calculated damage, up to 100%. However, this means that if you have the Auto fire at level 5, and arm the rounds manually, the projectiles will be doing 200% the calculated damage. So there's a reason to click, even after unlocking the Auto fire. This should also allow the player to progress a little bit further in the game.

Auto loader increases the number of rounds a ship has by 100%, up to 300%. This means you will need to click less times, since the rounds last longer.

Another change was the levelling of ships. It can now be done during missions, and the XP earned is added to the global pool during the mission. Again this will allow to push a little bit further in the missions.

And finally some tidying up of the notifications, with ability to have them in a queue, and all display in the same area as well (top of the screen).

Full changelog

  • Changed notifications to come from the top and follow the same design throughout the game.
  • Credits are now added to the global pool during the mission. You can toggle between current mission XP and global XP by clicking on the XP area on the top bar during a mission.
  • Ships can be levelled up during missions.
  • Ships require a click to fire. Each click fills the number of available rounds. After firing all the rounds you need to click again. You can click sooner to fill the manual rounds.
  • Manually firing deals 100% of the calculated damage.
  • New Upgrade: Auto fire - Ships fire automatically dealing 20% of the calculated damage. Starting cost of 1 point, maximum level of 5 (at which point it will deal 100% of calculated damage).
  • Once Auto fire is unlocked, you can still click the ship to add manual rounds. Doing so will increase the damage dealt, adding the manual damage (base 100%) and the auto fire damage (base 20%).
  • New Upgrade: Auto loader - Increased the number of manual rounds a ship has by 100%. Starting cost of 2 points, maximum level of 3.
  • Ability to reset the upgrades and get all used points refunded.


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Nov 26, 2019

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