Version 0.4 deployed

While this was going to come in December, well, v0.4 is now here, in November!

This is a smaller update in comparison to v0.3, but is packed with nice things.

  • Added mission difficulties. Next difficulty is available when the previous one has been completed.
  • Hard mode doubles enemy HP, Damage and XP earned. Insane mode triples enemy HP, Damage and XP earned.
  • Added the ability to get equipment boxes using earned XP
  • Added a maximum level to some of the ship equipments (others remain unlimited)
  • New achievement: Freeplay - Will it even end? - Complete stage 500 in free play. Awards 5 points.
  • New equipment for Stargazer: Smart projectiles - Increases ship damage by 0.5% but decreases HP by 0.05%.
  • New equipment for Bruiser: Aggressive stance - Decreases enemy hp by 0.05hp but also decreases the global damage reduction bonus by 0.1hp.
  • New equipment for Relief: Armor stasis field - Increases HP of all ships by 0.4% but decreases global attack speed by 0.1%.
  • New Upgrade: Practice makes it perfect - Reduces the ship bonus interval by 5% (currently only applies to the Relief bonus effect). Starting cost of 3 points, maximum level of 5.

As you can see from the notes above, there is no equipment to decrease the Relief's healing ability. I started that way, but it wasn't working in a good way. So instead I have the ship a different equipment piece, that also favours health, and moved the ability to reduce ships abilities to a global upgrade.

I don't have any more updates planed for this year, apart from bug fixing of course. There is something I will be testing internally the next week or so, and if it works I will publish more information about it. So there you go a little teaser :)

Meanwhile, in my previous post I wrote the road map up to September 2020. However, for now here's what's planned for the next update. Of course, dates can change. The most difficulty bit is the missions, creating the backgrounds mostly.

Mid January to early February 2020

  • 3 new player ships. At least on DPS and one Support, third one not guaranteed to be a Tank. Might be another Support. Still undecided.
  • New ships will have different amounts of equipment slots.
  • Volume 2 missions. Variable number of ship slots on different missions. Maybe the return of a solo ship mission?
  • New equipments for the new ships as well as at least 1 new piece for each of the existing ships.
  • Missions to award levels to specific equipment (and unlock it if you don't have it yet).
  • New bonuses and achievements.


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Nov 24, 2019

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