Progress so far

Today this post is to talk about the current progress. It is currently on track to be released in November, and quite a bit has been achieved so far, with a few things still in the work.

I had a huge list on two different posts of things that I wanted to do for next release. Well, some things have been done and others have been added too!.

  • Further review progression of enemies health and attack values [DONE - however this is a work in progress]
  • Have different fire sounds for the player ships [Low priority - will be the last thing to be implemented from this list]
  • Have different projectiles for the player ships [DONE - Different colours at the moment - projectile sprite will come soon]
  • Review equipment drop popup, to be more appealing and don't disappear automatically so fast [DONE]
  • Player tutorial
  • Bonuses panel rework [DONE]
  • First look at achievement and achievement based bonuses
  • Start on the first chapter of the story
  • Add the grind mission variant (this will be a specific type of mission where you don't need to start always from level 1)
  • Code cleanup (important for me!) [DONE]
  • Move to and use canvas for the gameplay (a pure html / js solution is just not very efficient) [DONE]
  • Journal during the mission (to record things like drops, story text, other pertinent information) [DONE]
  • Missions to have different background music, background images, that can be either still or have a parallax effect [DONE]
  • Have 3 main roles for the ships - DPS, Healer and Tank. DPS is the only one attacking, but Healer and Tank will provide bonuses to improve this attack, and Tank will take the majority of the attacks made by the enemies [DONE]
  • New enemy ship sprites [DONE]
  • New explosion sprites [DONE]
  • Sounds throughout the game [DONE]

I do expect to have all of the above completed for November's release.

However, other things have also been added.

  • The ship panel, both on the menu and during a mission has been reworked.
  • Equipment drops reviewed: guarantee drop first time a boss is killed on a specific mission. Further replays have a chance to drop an equipment piece. Duplicated ones increase the level by 1
  • Upgrade equipment quality once it reaches a specific level, increasing the bonuses provided by it
  • New mission selection screen, with more clear information
  • Option to auto fill slots with the available ships
  • Review upgrade costs to be more balanced
  • Increased base speed of the game
  • Changed how the player ships attack: a random enemy, the closest or the strongest (this information is displayed on the ship screen)
  • Layout changes to the mission progress bar
  • Lots of bug fixes!

The hardest is definitely coming up with the missions and story, as well as designing the backgrounds for the missions, but it has been a great experience so far.


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Oct 17, 2019

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