Feedback gathered

After version 0.4 was launched, I got a ton of useful feedback. The most common one however, was how the game felt too much automated, without a good hook in the beginning. After reading through the feedback and thinking what I can do to change, a few changes have been decided:

  • Levelling up ships will be allowed during the missions. Costs will remain as is, but the ability to level during missions should give the ability to clear a few more levels. These levels are not reset on a new mission. This gives one new thing for players to do during missions.
  • Ships will fire manually only at the start of the game. I'll be adding some UI to the bottom of the screen for that (and moving the ships a bit above that). Arming the ship (clicking) will give X rearms (how many times it will fire automatically without having to click again). These projectiles will do 100% of the calculated damage (might have upgrades later for it).
  • Once you unlock the Auto Fire global upgrade, ships can be set to auto. They will behave as now, but only do a % of the calculated damage (this value can be increased by upgrading Auto Fire and future upgrades I add).
  • Even when in Auto Fire, player can still click the ship, and the next X times the ships fires (based on the manual rearms) it will do the same damage as a manual click.

I hope that with the above there's a more active hook in the beginning of the game. I'm expecting to do this during this week and update the live version once it is done.

This also means I will be pushing the other upgrades a bit further - I think with the current feedback is important to have the basic gameplay in a state people find it fun to play, before adding more and more features that won't be used because the players don't find the game interesting enough.

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